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Hire an Easter Bunny
Hire an Easter Bunny

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We offer meet & greet appearances for multiple hours as well as just an hour visit.  We can supply official Easter Bunny theme music, as well as a sound system for your convenience.  Our bunny can dance with everyone and of course pose for all the pictures you like.  Our entertainer can also lead an Easter Egg Hunt as well if you like.

Easter Bunny Rentals Near Chicago
Easter Bunny Rentals Near Chicago

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Available For Holiday and Birthday Party Entertainment. Our adorable and lovable little bunny would make any Easter Egg Hunt, Birthday or Any Party A Memorable Event. The Easter Bunny can dance to songs like the hokey pokey, chicken dance, peter cottontail and pose for as many photos as you like. Have the Easter Bunny at your next party or add another costume character to your party.

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